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Kane Property Management Corp. shall:

1.      Assist in the development and implementation of a Management Plan

2.      Perform administrative record keeping

3.      Maintain communication and correspondence with property owners

4.      Review and assisting with the placement of insurance

5.      Assist in development and enforcement of property rules and regulations

6.      Prepare written reports to Board of Directors

7.      Research property improvement programs for discussion with property owners and/or Board of Directors

8.      Provide input to the Board as to changes in State and Federal COA/HOA Laws or rules.

9.      Attend all scheduled meetings of the Board of Directors or Homeowners.

10.  Prepare and file on behalf of the Association, all legal reports required under Federal and State Law (excluding tax returns).

11.  Secure, on behalf of the Association, all necessary permits for operation of association facilities.

12.  If requested by the Board, procure information as to any proposed purchasers or lessees of a unit and process the necessary forms pursuant to Board approval.

13.  At the direction of the Board, obtain premium quotations for such insurance as shall be deemed necessary.

14.  Assist Association legal counsel in whatever actions are required.

15.  Act as agent for the Board of Directors in carrying out each and every program it deems necessary regarding the common activity of the Association.

16.  Assist the Board of Directors in dealing with the Homeowner's affairs and provide input as to prudent courses of action.

17.  On behalf of the Association, and at their direction, attempt to secure compliance with the Assocation's Rules and Regulations by all owners, guests and lessees.


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